Working with groups

Working With Group Leaders

Thank you for visiting our web site so that we can fill you in about how we organize and escort tours for groups of any kind.

Dates, Itineraries and Prices

Our tours are customized to the specifications of the sponsoring organization, so we work with group leaders to select the timing, design the content, and establish the price they request.

Although we do not have preset itineraries, we can certainly guide the group leader in the selection of activities and sites that will match up well with their travelers. This is particularly useful when the group leader is unfamiliar with the destination.

Once these matters are agreed upon and signed off by the authorized person with the group, they are set. Changes only happen in extraordinary circumstances such as the closing of a restaurant, site or hotel, and they are made only with the knowledge and approval of the group leader.

Promotion and Registration

Promotion and Registration of the tour are typically handled by the sponsoring group so that the leadership maintains their personal relationship with their members. However, we will be glad to discuss the various promotional options the group has at hand and how we can help.

Deadlines and Payments

Deadlines for registration, deposit payments, and balance payments are set in cooperation with the group leader. Usually we invoice the group twice, once for the deposits and a second time for the balances. Sometimes a third invoice is necessary after the tour to take care of last minute cancellations and additions.


The fees and expenses for our services are factored in the per person price that we set. We can also factor in the cost for a group representative to travel with us. Usually, the ability to have a representative go with us is based on reaching a certain minimum of travelers. Sometimes the group likes to add on a small amount to the per person price we charge to help the organization defray their own expenses or raise some income.

When establishing the price, you will be apprised of exactly what is included and exactly what is not so that there will be no surprises.

Paying Suppliers

Heritage Tours pays all of the suppliers involved with the tour, such as the hotels, restaurants, sites, and speakers. The group leader has the convenience of paying only us – part of the efficiency of using a turn-key organizer.

And…the tours you book will be for your group only. We do not add on other people from outside the group unless you tell us to. When we mutually establish our itineraries and price, we will also decide on minimum and maximum numbers, registration procedures and cancellation policies.

Other points of interest

You will have the benefit of an escort 24 hours a day while on the tour. You always have someone there to lead, help, and answer questions.

Travel insurance will be made available to the passengers in the group so that they may purchase it or not as they wish.

We invite group leaders and passengers to join the thousands of curious travelers who have participated in the relaxing, educational, and enjoyable adventures offered by Heritage Tours.

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