Voodoo and Vampires

Voodoo and Vampires

The Haunted New Orleans Tour

Three days / two nights

Enjoy a haunted visit to New Orleans

Your travelers will see firsthand the haunted places of the Quarter and the Garden District as they are titillated with the spooky and bizarre tales of the ghosts and vampires said to inhabit “America’s Most Haunted City.” They will also learn about voodoo customs and spells from our knowledgeable speakers as they explore this underground culture of New Orleans.

Your group will stay in a haunted French Quarter hotel, the St. Pierre, and enjoy two different walking tours of the fabled FRENCH QUARTER. The “historical” version that shows you the supernatural, spooky sites, is in the daytime (for your protection!), while the tour into the depths of the vampire culture, of course, is at night. A chilling look into the dark underside of New Orleans!

Haunted Highlights

  • Tour ORMOND, an eerie plantation mansion, where two wicked, identical disappearances occurred over a hundred years part. Stick closely to the tour so you yourself don’t disappear. Includes lunch on the grounds.
  • Take a walk through the best New Orleans above-ground cemetery and learn all about the Louisiana customs of dealing with the dead. Discover how to take out a short-term lease on a crypt, and why New Orleans corpses are not embalmed!
  • Go deep into the HONEY ISLAND SWAMP off Lake Ponchartrain, and hear the authentic tales of the creepy goings-on way back in this primeval, watery world.
  • Ride the famed streetcar out to the elegant GARDEN DISTRICT, the English answer to the French Quarter, and see sumptuous homes and gardens, including those of ANNE RICE and the characters she creates!

Tour Can Include

Guided tour of St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans
  • Two nights at the St. Pierre, with continental breakfast
  • Fees for all tours
  • Deluxe motorcoach transport to Ormond and the Honey Island Swamp tour
  • Streetcar ride from the Quarter out to the Garden District and back (based on availability)
  • Dinner by candlelight at Tujaques’s in the Quarter
  • Outstanding New Orleans lunches
  • Free time to shop, recuperate or gamble – or just disappear until nightfall

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