South Carolina

South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina…one of the Top Ten Most Important Places for travelers to see in America, is on everyone’s list of the most historical and culturally significant cities in the country. More than three hundred years of history await you in a compact area, offering the full panorama of American history from the Colonial period through the American Revolution and War Between the States to the Present.

Charleston, a feast for the senses, is best seen on foot, so we take you on strolls that emphasize the sites, sounds, fragrances and culinary delights of this capital of the English South. Heritage Tours speakers are experts in centuries of Charleston history, architecture, local culture, and cuisine.

Charleston, with its moderate seaside climate, is charming to visit most of the year, but the favorite times are the spring for the annual Festival of Houses and Gardens, the fall for the autumn version of the open houses, and December to enjoy the decorations and music of the Christmas Season.

Charleston Military Heritage Tours are always in season because of the many significant events that occurred here.

Whenever you go, and whatever the focus of your visit, Heritage Tours will provide you with special access to speakers, places, and information that individual travelers could not achieve.

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