The Heritage of an Ancient Land
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The Literary Heritage of Scotland

All of our Scottish tours are planned and escorted by native professionals with STAGS, Scottish Tours and Guiding Services, based in Stirling, Scotland.

Scotland the Brave…the Ancient Land of Braveheart, the nationalist hero William Wallace who defeated the English at Stirling Bridge and helped lead the Scots to 400 years of independence.

The castles, palaces and churches of Mary, Queen of Scots, the beautiful queen of legend whose romantic intrigues and political scheming can more than equal any novel.

The land of the clans with their vicious feuds, their loyalty to their Chieftains and their bravery in gory battles.

Scotland…the heritage of the very center of the Industrial Revolution. An out-of-the-way Northern land that led the advancement of the modern world.

The tartans, the haggis, the bagpipes…very few countries the size of Scotland – five million – have as much identity and distinct personality.

The home of the Presbyterian denomination, one of the major outgrowths of the bloody conflicts of the Protestant Reformation.

Scotland…a hearty, welcoming, warm and genial region now enjoying its greatest measure of independence since the Union of the Parliaments in 1714.

Scotland…home of a wealth of literary giants, from the romantic and emotional poet Robbie Burns all the way to JK Rowling.

Scotland…the home of Scotch whisky, one of the world’s great libations!

Scotland — where the world turns to in August for one of the greatest arts and cultural gatherings on the planet, THE EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL.

Heritage Tours LLC is proud to offer two versions of tours to Scotland:

The Heritage of Scotland Tour

An all-purpose tour to introduce first time travelers to this magical land. We recommend this tour take place in August to take advantage of the Edinburgh Arts Festival.

The Presbyterian Church Heritage Tour of Scotland

For persons wanting to emphasize the places and themes associated with the creation and development of the Presbyterian Church, along with seeing the most essential sites.

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