The Painted Churches of Schulenberg

Central Europe Meets Central Texas

Two days / one night — open to individuals

Around the turn of the last century devout Catholics hailing from the Czech and German area of Central Europe built four churches in the countryside around Schulenberg in Fayette County halfway between Houston and San Antonio. They utilized experienced European craftsmen to create gorgeous interiors replete with dazzling colors and intricate designs.

These four country churches are visual feasts for the eye, as well as marvelous testaments to the faith of the European immigrants to Texas that settled our State in the 1800’s. It is an uplifting adventure to discover these four gems located in rolling pastures off obscure country lanes. Their spires spotted across rustic farmland and their country graveyards full of ethnic Czech and German names will remind you of European settings. You won’t want to miss seeing first hand these dazzlingly colorful treasures of Texas’ heritage. Pictures can in no way duplicate their color and designs!

Tour Highlights

In addition to our private tour with a local historian of the four Painted Churches, you will also enjoy:

  • The Museum and Church of the Wends, who were a group of German Lutherans who settled in the same area, building their own unique church where the men sat in the balcony and the women below, with a pulpit 20 feet in the air so to be seen by both!
  • An absolutely delicious lunch of noodles – from their own special recipe – provided by the ladies of the ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN (WENDISH) CHURCH.
  • Bonuses along the way, route permitting:
    • Selections of some of the best Texas courthouses, in Cameron, Hallettsville, LaGrange, and Giddings.
    • The STUERMER STORE in Ledbetter, one of the most complete and entertaining old time general stores left in the State. If you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need it!

Tour Includes

In addition to the above, the tour package can include:

  • Overnight accommodations in Schulenberg.
  • Buffet lunch at the OAKRIDGE SMOKEHOUSE.

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