Our focus of expertise in the Magnolia State is the quintessential Old South town of Natchez. Perched high above the Mississippi River, this center of antebellum culture contains an amazing collection of impressive town homes of the planters and merchants who prospered here before the Civil War. These homes, along with the picturesque downtown and bluff area, create the opportunity to travel back in time to the era “gone with the wind.”

For most group leaders the best time to visit Natchez is during the annual Spring Pilgrimage in March and April when many of the private mansions are open for tours. This is also the time when the townspeople stage the venerated Confederate Pageant, a live collection of vignettes on the history of the city. However, tours here are an eye-opening experience anytime into the culture of the Deep South, taking your travelers back to a time when Mississippi produced the fifth highest GDP of all the states.

The casinos here add another dimension to the attractiveness of Natchez that will appeal to travelers.

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