Mineral Wells

Mineral Wells & Clark Gardens

One day excursion

Entrance to the Famous Wells garden
Photo courtesy of Occam

Tours to Mineral Wells to see Clark Gardens and the Baker Hotel should be scheduled based on the availability and events occurring at those sites.

In the early part of the 20th century, Mineral Wells was known nationwide for the healing powers of the mineral waters flowing from its springs. Large hotels such as the 450-room Baker were built to handle the crowds coming from all over America to “take the waters.” Movie stars flocked here for relaxation, and legend says it was the large Mineral Wells sign on the mesa overlooking the town that gave Hollywood city fathers the idea for their own sign above their city, the sign that became the symbol worldwide for Tinseltown.

Tour Highlights

The BAKER HOTEL is now vacant and closed, but your group will have the opportunity to get as close as possible to see into its decayed splendor. You will however be able visit the FAMOUS WATER COMPANY, the only operating firm left dispensing the famous mineral waters. There your travelers will learn about the healthful properties of the water and even receive samples.

The afternoon will be spent enjoying CLARK GARDENS BOTANICAL PARK in the countryside east of Mineral Wells. This landscaped 35-acre garden is replete with flowers, bushes and plants that will relax, please and rejuvenate gardeners and non-gardeners alike. You will be driven throughout the gardens on carts by the knowledgeable horticultural staff who will explain all about their gardening activities and answer your gardening questions.

Clark Gardens is one of only 26 gardens in America selected to serve as an All American Rose Selections Test Garden. Here over 50 garden areas of native Texas and Texas adaptable plants embrace waterfalls, lakes, ponds and winding pathways.

Nearby PALO PINTO is the county seat, although it is much smaller than Mineral Wells, being a tiny settlement in between ranch country mesas. Schedule permitting your group will visit this Old West outpost.

Tour Includes

The abandoned & haunting Baker Hotel

Tour includes luxury motorcoach transportation, snacks and drinks on board, a delicious lunch in Mineral Wells, and tours of Mineral Wells and the FAMOUS WATER COMPANY.

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