A treasure trove of medieval and modern history!

Eight days

Heritage Tours LLC is honored to present a most unusual tour to a quaint corner of Europe that is unfamiliar to most travelers

Delightful, delicious, de-Luxembourg!

The Green Heart of Europe, LUXEMBOURG is a small country tucked in between France, Germany, and Belgium…castles…cathedrals…quaint, storybook villages nestled in narrow, wooded valleys…food with the “quality of the French and the quantity of the German”…the wine region of the Moselle River Valley, ringed by fearfully steep vineyards…the Ardennes Forest in the north, where the Battle of the Bulge in World War II saw the last, desperate gasp of Nazi Germany…the American Cemetery where General Patton is buried with 5,000 of his troops. All this and much more are packed into the 999 square miles that make up The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Founded in 963, Luxembourg once dominated the Holy Roman Empire, and its medieval strength is still evident. Luxembourg City used to be so fortified that it was given the name the Gibraltar of the North. Protected by the sheer walls of the gorge cut by the Petrusse and Alzette Rivers, the capital city is now a lush, immaculate, walkable town, the world’s seventh largest financial center. The country lay in ruins after World War II, but the resolute populace, who have resisted and endured so many invasions over 1,000 years, speedily revived their country and now they have the highest per capita income in Europe.

For the history buff, Luxembourg offers 1,000 years at the heart of continental European struggles. The wars of the great powers that surged across Europe invariably involved this strategically located country with its almost impenetrable fortress. UNESCO has recognized its importance over the centuries by declaring Luxembourg City a WORLD HERITAGE SITE. And now, as the European Union is formed, Luxembourg continues to make history as one of its three capitals, once again playing a role of importance out of proportion to its size.

Luxembourg’s millennium of history has produced a national culture that is neither French nor German, but a blend whose attributes are distinct. Scenically it is a picturesque gem, with rolling meadows covered with wildflowers, forested hills topped by ruined castles, and tiny villages with spotless houses surrounding medieval churches.


This eight-day tour is scheduled at a leisurely, relaxed pace so travelers can enjoy to the fullest the medieval atmosphere, the fairytale villages, and the superb food without dashing from site to site and hotel to hotel.

Luxembourg offers all of the wonderful aspects you have always wanted in a tour of Europe, but…

  • At a lesser cost than the large capital cities
  • Castles, cathedrals, quaint, clock-tower villages, vineyards that slope down to blue rivers — all so close together you do not have to waste time changing hotels
  • Friendly, multilingual citizens

This tour will show you all the highlights of the Grand Duchy, and then you will have ample time for shopping, exploring further, or returning to places you wish to see in greater depth.

You will change hotels only once. The first four nights are spent at the Grand Hotel Cravat, a four-star property in Luxembourg City that possesses the best location in the town, overlooking the stunning ravine of the Petrusse River. Nights five through eight you will be at the Hotel Heintz in the attractive medieval town of Vianden. The Heintz is in a modernized 13th century convent just below the Castle of Vianden, the largest and most imposing in the country, which looms majestically over the quiet village.


Here are just some of the highlights of your Luxembourg tour that you will experience:


  • Walking tour, including the Casemates , the vast underground tunnels
  • Medieval buildings
  • American Military Cemetery, where General Patton is buried
  • German Military Cemetery, a stark contrast


  • A sun-splashed cruise down the Moselle River
  • Tour of the spa resort of Mondorf-Les-Bains
  • Tour & winetasting at the Bernard-Massard winery, the nation’s largest
  • Picturesque countryside drives among the vineyards & rolling fields
  • Gourmet lunch in the riverside village of Remich

The MULLERTHAL (“Little Switzerland”)

  • Scenic drive and easy walk in this region of dense forests & rocky, rushing streams


  • Tour & lunch in this town that recently celebrated its 1300th anniversary
  • Luxembourg’s most important religious shrine, the church dedicated to St. Willibrord


  • Beaufort
  • Wiltz
  • Bourscheid
  • Clervaux
  • Vianden
  • plus the models of Luxembourg castles at Clervaux


A full day of museums and sights related to the 1944-1945 German offensive, including…

  • National Military Museum – Diekirch
  • Patton Memorial and Museum – Ettelbruck
  • Battle of the Bulge Museum – Wiltz


  • FAMILY OF MAN EXHIBIT at Clervaux Castle. Called ‘the world’s most important photographic display”, this is the collection of Luxembourger Edward Steichen, the Father of Photography.
  • BENEDICTINE ABBEY OF ST. MAURICE – An active monastery in the medieval tradition.
  • FREE TIME – Plenty of it, to explore, revisit, relax and enjoy; do your own walking, sightseeing, biking!
  • ORIENTATION MEETING and GOURMET WELCOME DINNER upon arrival at the Grand Hotel Cravat in Luxembourg City.
  • PRE-TRIP MATERIALS – Extensive readings will be provided to you before the tour.

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