The JFK Assassination Trail

Dealy Plaza and the School Book Depository
Photo courtesy of Stu Seeger

A tour for groups that delves into one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time: the history-changing assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This tour can be as short as half a day or as long as a full nine-to-six day. It can include lunch in the West End in Dallas near the Sixth Floor Depository Museum. This excursion appeals to anyone who has even a passing interest in one of the Twentieth Century’s most noteworthy tragedies.

Most people are familiar with the Sixth Floor Museum, the site from which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired the deadly shots, but there are many other places around Dallas associated with the assassination that are just as important. Most of these are completely unknown to the casual observer and are unmarked as to their role in the event, but they are vitally important to understanding what happened that day.

Of course your tour will visit the Sixth Floor Museum and the grounds of Dealey Plaza, but your group will follow the “trail” of the assassination events to see as many of the following places as you prescribe:

Tour Highlights

  • The Turtle Creek house where Oswald attempted unsuccessfully to assassinate Ret. Gen. Edwin Walker in April, 1963, prior to the attack on Kennedy.
  • The Oak Cliff rooming house where Oswald was living in November, 1963, after a series of address moves and a mysterious trip to Mexico that fall.
  • The basement tunnel at the Dallas Municipal Courts Building where Jack Ruby killed Oswald on live national television.
  • The place in Oak Cliff where Oswald killed Police Officer J. D. Tippit.
  • The Texas Movie Theater a few blocks away where Oswald fought with police and was captured.
  • The Dallas Trade Mart where Kennedy was slated to make his speech.
  • The house in Irving where Oswald’s wife Marina was living apart from Oswald at the time, the focus of the best-selling book Mrs. Paine’s Garage, which proposes an interesting solution to the mystery.
  • The grave of Lee Harvey Oswald on the outskirts of Fort Worth, a spot with its own mysteries and curiosities.

Tour Includes

Your tour will be escorted by JFK assassination expert Andrew Moyer, a resident of Dallas since 1961 who possesses an enormous command of the details of that November weekend. He is thoroughly conversant with the personalities and circumstances which shaped the entire episode. Under his direction this tour will address the full sequence of events that historic day in Dallas which forever changed the history of the nation and the world.

Mr. Moyer will fascinate and captivate your travelers with spellbinding images, details and background of the events leading to November 22 and beyond, providing new insight into this tragic, very human drama.

Based on availability, an added bonus to the tour is that certain key persons associated with the above mentioned sites may be able to meet with the group and talk candidly about their experiences. These insider meetings will be highly interesting and insightful. Again, their presence will be based on the availability of the individuals in question.

Those alive in 1963 will learn facts and see places associated with the assassination they most probably have never encountered. For those younger, the tour will explain the complete scenario in a way that will clarify exactly what transpired.

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