Horse Country

Horsing Around

Spend a day seeing the horse farms of North Texas

One day tour

Horse ranches of north Texas

This tour is designed to be a relaxing day in the pleasant, lush, rolling meadows of North Texas, visiting three of the most impressive 300 horse farms in the region north of the Metroplex and east of Denton. Until recently, this gem of Texas landscape was unknown to most people, but a recent cover article in the AAA Magazine has awakened savvy travelers to the area. The private tours your group will enjoy at each farm will demonstrate to your travelers the operations of top level, world class horse farm enterprises, where some of the nation’s leading race horses are bred and trained.

Tour Highlights

Based on availability and operational schedule, we will select three farms for your group to tour that will offer distinctively different looks into the fascinating, high-dollar world of championship horse breeding.

Tour Includes

The horse farms of North Texas are luxurious operations
Photo courtesy of pwinn

In addition to the three outstanding and quite different operations we will tour, we will have lunch at venerable CLARK’S OUTPOST in the small town of TIOGA. This highly popular country BBQ restaurant is as well known as the horse area is unknown. By going to Tioga, your group will have the chance to hear about the town’s favorite son, the singing cowboy GENE AUTRY.

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