Gonzales, Goliad

Gonzales, Goliad & Victoria

Texas history, BBQ & scenery

Three days / two nights

Goliad’s Presidio under the many flags of Texas

It doesn’t get any more Texas than this!


This old Texas town from the Spanish period is where the Texas Revolution started, when a band of brave settlers refused to give up the cannon they used for defense against the Indians. The stand they made under their slogan “Come & Take It” set off the events that led to Texas’ independence. You will see the cannon, the site and the Museum that chronicles these momentous and dangerous days. Plus a boot factory! See how those wonderful iconic cowboy boots are made.


The presidio (fort) and mission here are second only to the Alamo in the legends of the Texas Revolution. This is where Col. Fannin and his men were brutally massacred after being taken prisoner. The cry “Remember Goliad” inspired the colonists to victory in the Revolution.


Another old Spanish-era settlement, Victoria is where Texas A&M and the Texas Historical Commission have preserved and put on display the artifacts from LaSalle’s ship the Belle. It sank more than 300 years ago off the Texas coast when LaSalle was trying to settle the New World for France. Since its discovery only a few years ago after hundreds of years lost in the muck offshore, scientists have cautiously preserved many of the items found with the ship.

Tour Highlights

Plus, these bonuses are possible along the way, based on your departure and return points:

  • Lockhart: Lockhart claims the title of BBQ CAPITAL OF TEXAS with three of the Top Ten rated BBQ restaurants in the State. You will have your pick among the three for lunch, so you can judge for yourself. Their recently redone Courthouse is also among the State’s Top Ten, a real stunner.
  • Palmetto State Park: The vegetation here is most unusual for Texas, and the time of year should be just right for our scenic drive and wildflowers. A park ranger will lead us on a nature walk.
  • Luling: Once among the rowdiest and most dangerous Texas oil boom towns, Luling promises to behave itself for our visit. Now known for their oilfield pumps dressed up like animals and dinosaurs.
  • Schulenberg & Painted Churches: Our drive home will take us though the German-settled Schulenberg area, known for its European-style colorful country churches. We can’t pass through the area without seeing a couple of them. Even if you have seen them before, they are always worth a stop.

Tour Includes

The monument that commemorates the first battle of the Texas Revolution.
  • Luxury motor coach transportation throughout, with drinks and snacks on board.
  • One night in Gonzales & one night in Victoria.
  • All tours listed above, plus commentary from our Texas historians and commentators.
  • One lunch & two dinners.

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