Glen Rose Granbury

Glen Rose and Granbury

We ‘Promise’ you won’t be disappointed!

Two days / one night, from North Texas departures

Granbury’s historic opera house is home to an active performance schedule
Photo courtesy of Jordan Carswell

Come join the throngs going to see THE PROMISE, the outdoor drama on the life of Christ that you have been hearing so much about. This production has thrilled and inspired thousands of patrons over the years.

Also in store, the production of GRANBURY LIVE, the theater in town that already has crowds streaming to Granbury to see and hear their high energy musical reviews.

PLUS: Dinosaur Valley State Park, where the footprints of two kinds of gigantic dinosaurs put you back in a real life Jurassic Park. Next to the Park we will stop in at the controversial Creationist Museum to hear their point of view about the beginnings of the earth. It’s all very thought provoking!

Dinner will be at one of the many excellent BBQ places in Glen Rose. Overnight will be at the Glen Rose Motor Inn.

Tour Highlights

Shopping of course, around the quaint squares in both Glen Rose and Granbury. On both days lunch will be at your choice of one of the many cafes mingled amongst the shops.

A tour through the magnificent COURTHOUSE on the square in Granbury can be arranged for groups so desiring.

Tour Includes

Texas’ Jurassic past comes alive in Glen Rose
Photo courtesy of Curious Expeditions

Your tour package includes:

  • Reserved seats at The Promise
  • Reserved seats at Granbury Live or the Granbury Opera House performance.
  • Entrance to Dinosaur Valley State Park and the Creationist Museum
  • Overnight at the Glen Rose Motor Inn
  • Breakfast at the Motor Inn
  • Dinner in Glen Rose
  • Deluxe motor coach transportation with drinks & snacks on board

Please Note

The production schedules of The Promise, the Granbury Opera House and Granbury Live change throughout the year.

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