Our destination of specialty in the Peach State is the unique and colorful town of Savannah. The charm of this bustling port city is a blend of its long history, its architecture, its scrumptious southern coastal cuisine, and its eccentric and fun-loving modern citizens.

Savannah was laid out by founder General James Oglethorpe based on a system of town squares with lots set aside for homes, businesses and public buildings. This early concept of urban design proved to be so workable that it remains intact today, and is still a source of study by planners worldwide. That is why visitors today find Savannah cozy, comfortable and eminently walkable.

Our tours examine the complete range of the rich heritage of this cheery town, from the pirates who ravaged the seas nearby, to the places and characters described so vividly in the popular novel and movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. One choice among our offerings is a tour that focuses on the sites associated with Midnight, as well as with Forest Gump.

Because of their proximity and similar importance to the culture and heritage of the South, tour leaders often combine a trip to Savannah with one to her larger sister Charleston. In doing so, a stop can be made in the charming town of Beaufort, which lies in between the two.

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