Fieldtrip – Sanjacinto

Heritage Tours presents another in its “TEACHING THROUGH TRAVEL” series of History Field Trips for Students and their Parents

San Jacinto & the Battleship Texas

The battlefield where Texas independence was won

The San Jacinto Monument
Photo courtesy of Stephen Witherden

Show your students the battlefield where Texas independence was won. Nothing can help them understand the battle more than seeing it firsthand.

Next to it is docked the mighty battleship Texas, refurbished and ready for action. What a thrill for students to roam its spacious decks and imitate how the sailors lived during several American wars.

Tour Includes

  • MOTORCOACH transportation with snacks and drinks on board, operated by a fully licensed and insured charter company
  • SPEAKERS at the battlefield and the ship
  • STUDY MATERIALS with suggested readings and keepsake notes

On this trip, your students will learn:

  • how the Battle of San Jacinto won Texan independence and changed American and world history
  • the history of the state’s iconic naval vessel
  • what life aboard a US Naval vessel was truly like

Please Note

Texas International Tours uses only fully licensed and insured motorcoach companies and full-time professional drivers.

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