Fieldtrip Corpus Christi

Heritage Tours presents another in its “TEACHING THROUGH TRAVEL” series of History Field Trips for Students and their Parents

Cowboys & Corpus

Corpus Christi & The King Ranch

Corpus Christi, The Shining City by the Sea, and The King Ranch offer exceptional opportunities for students and their parents to learn about a host of important subjects. On this field trip the students will study:

Nothing teaches these matters like first hand experience. Your field trip will be lead by full-time, professional guides from Heritage Tours and from the establishments listed below.

Tour Highlights

  • Texas History
    Tour the city of Corpus Christi with a leading local historian to learn about Texas history on the coast and especially about the beginnings of the U.S.-Mexican War.
  • Life on Land – The Work, History and Tradition of the Texas Cattle Business
    Visit The King Ranch, the biggest and most historic of them all – includes lunch at one of the cowboy camphouses. Learn the history of the ranch and the cattle business and its importance to Texas.
  • Life at Sea – Seafaring over 450 Years
    Experience seafaring on genuine oceangoing vessels spanning four-and-a-half centuries: the exact replicas of Christopher Columbus’ ships the Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta, and on the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier Lexington. What a difference the students will see when they climb all over the Santa Maria compared to the Lexington, America’s longest serving aircraft carrier. The closest thing to joining the Navy!
  • Texas Marine Biology
    Enjoy hands-on experiences with marine wildlife and coastal ecology at the State of Texas Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry. Plus, a cruise on the Texas coast to see dolphins and other marine creatures

Please Note

Texas International Tours uses only fully licensed and insured motorcoach companies and full-time professional drivers.

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