Fieldtrip – Big Bend, TX

Heritage Tours presents another in its “TEACHING THROUGH TRAVEL” series of History Field Trips for Students and their Parents

Far West Texas & The Big Bend

A Wild West Adventure

The wildest of Texas’ wild country

This is your chance to take your students to the most dramatic and overpowering section of Texas – the high desert mountains of the Trans-Pecos region and the Big Bend area. This field trip can include visits to:

Pecos • Fort Davis • Marfa • Alpine • Balmorhea Springs • Fort Stockton • Presidio • Marathon • and the BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK

Tour Highlights

Just a few of the many educational and fun highlights of this exceptional field trip:

  • Nighttime Star Party and daytime tour of the McDONALD OBSERVATORY. Special hands-on activities just for our group with the staff of the observatory.
  • A full afternoon going OFFROAD in the BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK. This is the way to understand the geology and natural history of this high desert!
  • Drives on 2 of the top 4 “Most Scenic Drives in Texas” as voted by Texas Highways readers – truly the State’s most spectacular scenery!
  • A special private visit to the PRESIDENTIAL MUSEUM in Odessa.
  • Searching for the MARFA LIGHTS, one of the world’s greatest UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES! Will your students be able to figure out what causes them?
  • Wonderfully intriguing museums along the way that explain the essence of West Texas, which is OIL and COWBOYS: the PETROLEUM MUSEUM in Midland and the WEST OF THE PECOS MUSEUM in Pecos.
  • Sliding on the SANDHILLS at Monahills State Park after a pizza picnic.
  • FORT DAVIS, the most photogenic & attractive town in the region, location of the movie DANCER, TEXAS, site of the restored frontier fort.
  • Visit to the CHINATI ART MUSEUM in Marfa, one of the world’s most outstanding museums for large scale sculptures.
  • FORT STOCKTON, an important settlement in the westward movement across the State, where the Fort and Annie Riggs Museum will display the truth of how the west was lived and won.

Tour Includes

  • Four breakfasts, five lunches, four dinners
  • Four nights accommodations
  • Motorcoach transportation from fully licensed and insured charter company
  • Study materials, suggested reading lists and keepsake notes
  • Commentary, lectures and tours from professional guides and presenters throughout

On this trip, your students will learn:

On this exciting West Texas – Big Bend Adventure, your students will study by way of hands-on activities and exploration:

  • The history of the Trans-Pecos/Big Bend region of Texas.
  • The geology of the Big Bend area.
  • The story of oil in West Texas and its importance to the State.
  • The story of the cattle industry and its importance to the State.
  • Astronomy, through the telescopes and programs of the McDonald Observatory.
  • The mystery of the Marfa Lights.
  • The significance and architecture of county courthouses.
  • The reality of soldiers’ lives in West Texas and the role of the forts in West Texas settlement.
  • Sculpture and large scale artwork.
  • Plant and animal life of the Big Bend.

The presenters on this field trip include:

  • The staff of the McDonald Observatory
  • The staff of the Chinati Art Foundation
  • The docents of The Petroleum Museum
  • The Rangers at Fort Davis
  • The professional guides with Texas Jeep Expeditions
  • The town historian of Fort Stockton
  • The professional lecturers with Heritage Tours

Please Note

Texas International Tours uses only fully licensed and insured motorcoach companies and full-time professional drivers.

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