Fieldtrip – Albany

Heritage Tours presents another in its “TEACHING THROUGH TRAVEL” series of History Field Trips for Students and their Parents

The Fort Griffin Fandangle

and the Best of the Wild West in the Texas Oil & Cattle Country!

This tour must take place during the last two weekends of June.

Ruins of Sutler’s Store

What in the world is a “Fandangle”? It is the outdoor drama, now in its 73rd year, on the pioneer settlement of Texas. Put on by the good folks of Albany, north of Abilene, it is performed near old Fort Griffin, a major military outpost that once protected the frontier of Texas. See a live herd of longhorn cattle herded onto the outdoor stage! Thrill to the saga of the rugged pioneers who settled this harsh ranch country, as their story is told in drama, song, dance and spectacle.

Tour Highlights

This is a trip to the heart of the central Texas ranch and oil boom area. Based on your departure point, your group may also be able to see:

  • THURBER – an old coal mining ghost town with a fascinating story. We’ll have breakfast with some visible as well as invisible people.
  • RANGER – went from 1,000 to 30,000 people in one year when the gushers blew in. Their museum will teach us all about these wild times.
  • EASTLAND – home of some wonderfully whimsical Texas offbeat oddities.
  • CISCO – you’ll explore Conrad Hilton’s first hotel and learn about his entrepreneurial drive to success. Why did he start here in Cisco?
  • FORT GRIFFIN – the remains of an important fort that protected the settlers in this harsh and dangerous country. The Rangers will teach us about the way of life of the soldiers that were stationed here.

Tour Includes

  • MOTORCOACH transportation with snacks and drinks on board, supplied by a fully licensed and insured charter company.
  • Overnight accommodations at the ALBANY MOTOR INN.
  • Reserved seats to the FORT GRIFFIN FANDANGLE performance.
  • BBQ DINNER on the Courthouse lawn before the play.
  • LUNCH.
  • CHUCKWAGON breakfast.
  • TOUR of ALBANY, a genuine wild west town, the kind that helped win the West.
  • The ALBANY OLD JAIL ART MUSEUM, a well-endowed little gem housed in the Old Jail, that displays the likes of Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, Grant Wood and Picasso!
  • TOURS of the sites and museums of the towns listed above, with plenty of Texas Oddities that will tickle and amaze you.
  • STUDY MATERIALS with suggested readings and keepsake notes.

On this trip, your students will learn:

  • About the oil boom and bust in west central Texas.
  • About the rise and fall of the coal mining industry in this region ( …in other words, how and why economics can create and destroy towns!)
  • About the settlement of the harsh Texas Rolling Plains.
  • How the vision and dreams of one man can bring knowledge and joy to millions of others…the story of Ike Nail.
  • About the timeless art of Matisse, Picasso, Calder and other great artists and sculptors.
  • About the life and importance of the forts that protected the settlement of the West.

And if your path takes you to the towns east of Albany:

  • How one man’s ideas and drive can create success by providing a quality service for others…the story of Conrad Hilton.
  • About the fun, whimsy and joy of unusual projects…the Postage Stamp Mural.
  • How to analyze the truth of facts…the story of Rip the Toad.

Please Note

Texas International Tours uses only fully licensed and insured motorcoach companies and full-time professional drivers.

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