Watch out! Rose-Mary Rumbley is going to take you to court!! Actually, to see

The Best Little Courthouses in Texas!

Waxahachie & Hillsboro

Monday, October 2: Waxahachie & Hillsboro
Register by September 22, 2017 with the Richardson Senior Center

Tour Highlights

  • COURTHOUSES: – Texas is blessed with the nation’s best collection of 19th and 20th century courthouses, colorful and interesting monuments to local people’s democracy. Two of the very best, those in Waxahachie and Hillsboro, have been completely renovated, shined, polished and redone to gorgeous splendor. The Hillsboro one suffered a disastrous fire and the Waxahachie building badly needed fixin’ up. Both are now completed and ready to receive visitors, all decked out and looking their best ever. These are two of the best in the nation, and you must come see them.
  • SHOPPING!! – What would a visit to a small Texas town be without checking out the gift and antique stores around the square. We have set aside time for you to do just that. Don’t forget your checkbook and credit card.
  • LUNCH!! – You will be on your own to make the hard choice about which café around the square in Waxahachie you will have lunch in!
  • ROSE-MARY RUMBLEY!! – Dallas’ leading story-teller will keep you laughing and enthralled as she recounts tales about how these magnificent palaces of justice were constructed, who shot whom, and who sued whom!
  • ADDED ATTRACTION – The Texas Heritage Museum & Research Center in Hillsboro! The Center for honoring and remembering the history of Texans as they participated in the Civil War, WWI, WWII and Vietnam.

Tour Details

  • Tour departs 9:00am
  • Returns approximately 7:00pm
  • Please register by September 22, 2017 with the Richardson Senior Center by calling 972-744-7800.