Replicas of Columbus’ ships are anchored at the
Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

Heritage Tours presents another in its “TEACHING THROUGH TRAVEL” series of History Field Trips for Students and their Parents

Cowboys & Corpus

Corpus Christi & The King Ranch

Corpus Christi, The Shining City by the Sea, and The King Ranch offer exceptional opportunities for students and their parents to learn about a host of important subjects. On this field trip the students will study:

Nothing teaches these matters like first hand experience. Your field trip will be lead by full-time, professional guides from Heritage Tours and from the establishments listed below.

Tour Highlights

  • Texas History
    Tour the city of Corpus Christi with a leading local historian to learn about Texas history on the coast and especially about the beginnings of the U.S.-Mexican War.
  • Life on Land - The Work, History and Tradition of the Texas Cattle Business
    Visit The King Ranch, the biggest and most historic of them all - includes lunch at one of the cowboy camphouses. Learn the history of the ranch and the cattle business and its importance to Texas.
  • Life at Sea - Seafaring over 450 Years
    Experience seafaring on genuine oceangoing vessels spanning four-and-a-half centuries: the exact replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships the Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta, and on the U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier Lexington. What a difference the students will see when they climb all over the Santa Maria compared to the Lexington, America's longest serving aircraft carrier. The closest thing to joining the Navy!
  • Texas Marine Biology
    Enjoy hands-on experiences with marine wildlife and coastal ecology at the State of Texas Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry. Plus, a cruise on the Texas coast to see dolphins and other marine creatures


On this trip, your students will learn:

Please Note

Texas International Tours uses only fully licensed and insured motorcoach companies and full-time professional drivers.